Friday, 8 May 2015

Incontinence care - Some do’s and don’ts

“Manage incontinence with simplicity”
Urinary incontinence can be humiliating and awkward to talk about. In today’s time people have a lot of bladder control misconceptions and how to deal with it. Let’s not sulk about the problem but rather deal with it and get on the right track for healthy management of incontinence. To cope with incontinence there are certain do’s and don’ts that can help you manage it properly.

Do’s of incontinence care -
  1. Dealing with the myth of incontinence - Most of us understand that the risk of urinary incontinence increases with age in both men and women. But it doesn’t hold true to the fact that urinary incontinence can be faced by anyone at a number of different stages in his or her life. Thus, it is necessary for people suffering from incontinence to face it with confidence.
  2. Explore all the options to treat incontinence - To treat incontinence you not only need to talk to a good healthcare provider but also be aware about the various products and medications available to you. Many people simply go to a supermarket and buy cheap adult diapers. But one should be aware of all the products available for them in the markets from different brands which are more cost effective. For example, Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs, Romsons Dignity Adult Diapers, Newnik Cozymat Reusable Absorbent Sheets / under Pads etc. which are made of soft absorbent materials and are comparatively lesser in price.
  3. Find the right fit - Different types of incontinence require different levels of protection. One should find the perfect incontinence product that matches its leakage level and protection needs. There are underpads and liners for light flows and underwears for heavy flows. Therefore, finding the right protection will help you to stay active throughout the day.

Don’ts of incontinence care -
  1. Don’t think incontinence is an end to your happiness - Don’t let incontinence cease your everyday activities or social life. You can take control of your urinary incontinence by using discreet bladder protection products and boost your chances of socializing and enjoying life.
  2. Don’t use rough chemicals or solutions to clean the urine - People often try to wipe off urine from mattresses by applying a harsh chemical or powder which makes the stain worse. In such a case urine should be cleaned by using enzyme based cleaner which directly attacks the uric crystals.
Know the truth about incontinence
One truth regarding incontinence which you should not forget: It can be treated and well managed with the use of protective underwears and adult briefs.

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