Monday, 7 April 2014

Transval Ortho Versatile Seat - A must for persons with long sitting hours

Long office and browsing hours require proper sitting posture and distribution of load. 

“TRANSVAL ORTHO VERSATIL SEAT" provides exactly the same.

Individual with a prominent belly have increased anterior convexity of the lumbar spine.  They have more prominent buttocks and a belly.  They feel pain while standing and while bending backwards, and experience relief when they sit on a seat which has a slight taper.This seat was primarily designed with "U" cavity for pile patient.

It gives relief to hernia patients by using this there is no need of any donut cushion.For patients with acute problem or after surgery etc.  Extra large "U" cavity is recommended by orthopedic hospitals.

Can be used on wheelchairs as well as on traditional chairs.

During pregnancy, apart from helping in preventing back and hip strain

It will also help your baby to go into the pelvis after 36 weeks of pregnancy, especially if your knees are slightly lower than your hips.

  •   Comfort is still an unexplored concept and often described   as the absence of discomfort
  •   "TRANSVAL ORTHO VERSATILE SEAT" provides following  support,
  •   Reduces fatigue, prevent numbness of buttocks associated   with long sitting hours.
  •   Cushion most comfortable for those with tender tailbones.
  •   A must for hernia or piles patients.
  •   Designed to restore and maintain correct ergonomic      seating in the office.
  •  The slight incline helps promote proper posture while  performing tasks like reading, browsing etc.
How to use

If you have problems with your back - especially your lower back, this cushion has been designed to put no pressure on your coccyx by seating on top of "U" cavity.  Cushion is helpful for those with tender tailbones, hernia, or piles patients.  Shapes to your body when you sit on it.

Unlike backrest, headrest etc a seating cushion has to uniformly distribute load to reduce fatigue and prevent numbness of buttocks.  Therefore it is moulded for high density of 55-60 kg per cubic Mt.

Cover of knitted cloth provides extra comfort and air circulation.