Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maternity Belts

Back pain and discomfort are the most common symptom that every pregnant women experience. During pregnancy it’s not only the tummy that changes but back and hips too make adjustments as ligaments loosen and the weight re-distributes. As the baby’s weight increases it puts extra pressure on the bladder which ultimately results in chronic lower back pain. To find relief some women opt for the support wears which gives extra support to belly. There are various types of support products available online which caters to needs of pregnant women. And one such support device is “Maternity Belts”. Maternity belts are helpful for the women who experience back pain in their early pregnancy.

Let us have a look at how these maternity belts helps?
  • Reduces lower back pain caused due to extra off balance weight
  • Soothes the irritated skin
  • Reduces swelling and varicosities
  • Helps in maintaining the exercise regime in pregnancy
  • Helps in reducing the pressure on bladder
  • Gives relief from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) which is a common issue in pregnancy.
  • Gives relief from pelvic and hip pain caused by release of hormone relaxin which prepares body for labor.
  • Provides great comfort during pregnancy
  • Provides relief if the pregnant woman is in job and need to be on feet for long hours. 

There are many types of Maternity Belts available and the top three belts are:
  1. Simple Pregnancy Belt: The simple pregnancy belt is the most common type of belt made up of elastic material that adjusts to fit the various size bellies and is wrapped around the back and is closed with velcro under the abdomen. These belts are visible under cloth and are bulky. They are also cheaper in price as compared to other belts.
  2. Extra support Maternity Belt: The extra support maternity belts come with an additional strap which goes across the tummy to provide an extra support and to keep the back brace in order.
  3. Prenatal Cradle: Prenatal belts are worn to relieve the pressure and pains in the lower back. It is made out of few interlocking straps made of durable material. This belt gives relief from body aches, pain in hips and strain in abdomens. The thickest of this belt fit around the lower back and underside of belly. There may be a second strap which fit across the middle of the back which is almost as thick as the lower strap. These straps connect to another set of straps and fit over the shoulder. 
It is suggested to consult the doctor before buying a maternity belt. Most of the doctors recommend the belt which is adjustable to fit the abdominal growth throughout the pregnancy without putting excess pressure on the abdominal area. While some of the basic points like comfort, ease of use and how the belt will adjust should be taken into consideration.

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