Saturday, 23 November 2013

Vegetable & Fruit Purifier- Remove Pesticides And Preservatives Residue

The greater part of fruits and vegetables contain some extent of numerous kinds of pesticides. Mostly Farmers use these chemicals to enable them to produce best quality vegetables and fruits in huge quantities, free of insects, bacteria, mold and rodents. However, these artificial chemicals cause health risks to humans, especially young children. Studies are being done to understand the full impact of pesticides and it confirms the risk of neurological and gastrointestinal problems, as well as problems in the endocrine and hormonal systems also linked to pesticides, finding ways how to purge produce of pesticide residue is very important to a healthy body.
The data released by the National Pesticides Monitoring Department says 95% of Fruits & Vegetables have pesticides above the acceptable levels. Cancer and other diseases caused due to pesticides and other chemical substances in food. As consumers we do not have any control on the pesticides that is sprayed on fruits and vegetables in the farms but there are some quick do-it-yourself techniques that can help us get rid of the residues to a large extent.
Vegepure 400 Vegetable & Fruit Purifier removes dirt and artificial colors from the surface of vegetables and fruits. It detoxifies the vegetables and fruits by removing pesticides and preservatives residue. Kills parasites, their eggs and germs, Enhances shelf life of food and very easy to operate.

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