Monday, 28 October 2013

Blood Glucose Meter - Live Healthy And Active

Blood glucose meter is a simple device for self monitoring of blood glucose for diabetes patients. Do it yourself concept of these electronic meter enable diabetes patients to test the concentration of Glucose in blood and make apt day to day treatment choices in their diets, medicine and other related activities.

Test can be carried out by piercing the skin with a lancet device to obtain a small blood sample that can be applied on a test strips which interface with a digital meter. Within 5 to 7 seconds the level of blood glucose will be shown on digital display of the Blood glucose meter. Healthcare professional advise the diabetic patients on regime to monitor the level of glucose in their blood time and again as per requirements. Advance technology to determine blood glucose is fast changing the everyday care for all diabetic people at their ease and at home only.

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Adult Diaper – Make life a little easier

Aging is subtle erosion of independence.

Physical aches and pains make you unable to perform the routine tasks with ease. All of these problems make worse when you lose control of your bladder and start urinating in your pants. Travelling, social gathering, Long drive, become an errand.

Incontinence is a sensitive issue; the ability to hold your bladder is an embarrassing problem and is extremely common among elderly people. At least 1 in 10 people age 65 or older have incontinence problems. Symptoms range from mild leaking of urine to uncontrollable wetting. Incontinent people can feel uncomfortable going out in public.

Adult diapers is one of medication-free way can help you to feel comfortable when going out in public. Adult diapers are padded, disposable cotton briefs with two layers. One layer which attracts the liquid and the other which prevent the liquid from seeping through. The best Adult Diaper should have comfortable fitting, great absorbency and longevity.

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Home Health Care Right at Your Door Step!

Health Vistas is the first exclusive home health care products shop in Udaipur, Rajasthan and the first on line store that delivers health care products right at your door step.  In a short span of six years plus, Health Vistas, has achieved the coveted position as a leading nation-wide online retailer of high quality healthcare products.
Health Vistas  sells a wide range of health care products across 20 diverse categories including mobility aids, adult diapers, wheel chairs, walkers, orthopedic care, diagnostics and many more, all at the most competitive prices. Our product line has expanded exponentially as we continue to search for innovative, high-quality products including some international brands.
Health Vistas  stands committed to quality products.  The aim is to provide the customers with the best in health care products available in India. Orders are shipped expeditiously taking care of the shipping cost, timeline and communication around shipping with a view to provide world-class service.
Health Vistas is a Digicert secured website and all credit card payments are accepted on a secure server. All transactions on this web site are safe.