Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dealing with incontinence as we age

Aging is inevitable and it brings along itself certain health problems. One such problem can be incontinence. As we grow in age we gain experiences and insights into life’s secrets. But sometimes these experiences and challenges can impact your body and life like adult incontinence.
In order to live a healthy and fearless life, it is important to face the problem of bladder sensitivity and say, “It’s no big deal”.

Different ways to deal with incontinence:
  1. Realize that you are not alone- Incontinence is a common problem among men and women. It can happen at any age, although it’s more common in older people. More than 60% individuals over the age of 50 or above suffer from incontinence. So thinking that you’re the only person suffering from incontinence is a mere illusion.
  2. Don’t be embarrassed about incontinence- Many people have the fear to discuss about incontinence openly .They don’t want to talk about their overactive bladder even with their doctors because they are too embarrassed. As compared to men, women are more likely to be affected by this problem. By simply sharing your feelings regarding incontinence with your family or friends can ease your mind.
  3. Consult a healthcare professional- The first thing a person suffering from incontinence should do is consult a medical professional. Your physician can make you understand the root cause of your problem and how to deal with it. They will help you to find the right medication and products required to combat incontinence.
  4. Get the right product or medication- Before you jump out of your comfort zone to perform your daily activities make sure you are properly protected. There are a number of good quality incontinence products available for you which have super absorbent qualities. These include Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs, KosmoCare Protective Underwear, AroKleen Disposable Under Sheets and many more.
  5. Make a proper diet plan- What one eats also play an important role in dealing with incontinence. If you want to make sure that you’re dealing with incontinence in the right way then eat fiber rich food every day. Eat fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber and drink lots of water. Drinking ample amount of water will help you to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  6. Exercise regularly- Performing pelvic floor exercises few times in a day can help make the pelvic muscles stronger and aid in controlling leakages.
  7. Don’t fight your age- Love and embrace your older self. Treat yourself with kindness and respect and take care of yourself .This is your life live it to the fullest. 
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