Thursday, 30 April 2015

Factors to consider before buying a wheelchair

Are all the wheelchairs same? Most of the individuals will answer it in Yes!

But “No” they are not same. Just like there are differences in every vehicle the same way every wheelchair is different. Wheelchairs have huge difference and meet different needs of different people. The last two decades have tremendously seen a huge progress in development of the wheelchairs. Now we can see wide variety of wheelchairs is available in market. But the important question is choosing the correct wheelchair. Moreover getting a right wheelchair is important for overall quality of life. If you have a family member, friend, relative or neighbor who is physically challenged then help them in choosing the best wheelchair that will cater well to their needs.

There are many factors that need to be considered before buying a wheelchair like

  1. Will I use my chair for indoors or outdoors?
  2. Where will be the wheelchair used mostly?
  3. Is the wheelchair easily transportable?
  4. How long I will be sitting on the wheelchair?

There are multiple questions and doubts run in our mind while choosing. And for the first time user making a choice will be more difficult. So I want to share some tips and points that should be taken into consideration before you purchase.

Some of the other important factors which are:

Overall Weight of chair:
The overall weight of the wheelchair should be taken into consideration while selecting the wheelchair. The lighter the chair the more convenient it will be to lift and transport it in car. There are some chairs in which the parts can be removed easily such as foot rests and armrests which make the chair lighter in weight.

Assessing the Correct Size:

  • User Weight: The weight of the occupant must be taken into consideration while selecting wheelchair. Every wheelchair has a weight limit and the standard wheelchair has a normal weight limit of 114 Kg. If the user weight more than it then a heavy duty chair must be selected.
  • Seat Size: There are various seating sizes available in wheelchairs and it is important to choose the correct size. As the correct size will give enough room to comfortable sitting positions and will avoid the pressure. A narrow seat will increase the chances of skin shearing while a wide seat will rotate the occupant’s legs inward and give strain on hips. So in order to avoid these problems it is required to measure the occupant’s widest part of the hips.
  • Backrest Height: A correct backrest height usually allows freedom of movement and maintains good posture. The correct seat height can be determined by taking the measurement of the wheelchair user. The standard chairs come with the fixed height but there are many chairs available in the market that comes with adjustable height.
  • Armrest Height: The armrest of the wheelchair should be such that it supports the arms of the user comfortably. If the armrest will be too high then it will raise the shoulders of user and a low armrest will end up in leaning one side or the other. There are usually 4 types of armrest Adjustable, Removable, Flip Back and Fixed or Permanent.

These are some of the basic points I have shared with you in this article. It will help you in selecting a right chair. And once you are sure about which wheelchair to buy then look for the warranty and the deals available. At you can choose among the wide variety of wheelchair available at best prices. So now don’t restrict yourself to your house and live a healthy, active, independent and self reliant life.

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